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Anonymous Christians


This book explores the relationship of clergy to Twelve Step programs. Field research of pastors in the Florida Keys found that they are unsure if addiction is a disease or a sin, and whether the Twelve Steps are based on Christianity. Lessons learned include the validity of both traditional Twelve Step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Christ-centered programs such as Celebrate Recovery, the coherence of sin and disease explanations of addiction, and the significance of modern addiction theory. The specific outcome of this study is the development of a course syllabus for clergy on addiction recovery through Twelve Step philosophy.

Anonymous Christians is a valuable resource for pastors and Christian educators seeking to better understand, and partner with, Twelve Step groups in the support of individuals struggling with addiction. Through his research and writing, Hudson has provided us with a long-awaited, much-needed guide to better equip current and future church leaders.”       —Julie Russo, Program Director of the Counseling Department, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“Hudson’s long personal engagement in addiction-recovery ministry has enabled a thoughtful and articulate history and field study of the church’s use of the Twelve Step addiction model. Readers will find not only biblical, theological, and historical context for the subject, but loads of critical reflection and application for their own work and teaching in addiction-recovery.”  —James R. Moore, Associate Professor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“A much needed, hope filled and readily accessible resource for equipping pastors to address one of the most challenging epidemics of our day. A gift to the Church!”                              —Bill Donahue, Director of Professional Doctoral Programs, Trinity International University


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